James Baroud
Grand Raid XXL


The tent opens in less than 10 seconds, through two hydraulic cylinders, mounted on bearings, actuating the articulated arms, that are protected by a canvas cover. The tent can be closed by only one person and in less than 25 secondes. An incorporated elastic band around the canvas assure its inclusion inside the tent during the closing. .

The Grand Raid XXL includes all the features available in the hard shell tent lineup, including full 360 degree panoramic windows, a solar powered ventilation system for extreme climates, integrated storage tray with tie down points ion top, and enough room to sleep three adults.

Access to the tent is easily gained by using the telescoping ladder that comes standard with all James Baroud rooftop tent.

Download the GRANDRAIDXXL_User_Guide.pdf


The shell are made of glass reinforced polyester and finishing like Gelcoat. The shell have two air slots, equiped with a dust filter that improves the ventilation inside the tent. The top streamlined shell is equiped with a rear aileron. The shell locking is ensured by quatro tailor-made locks. The shell is fixed to the vehicule by two aluminium rails, built-in the under shell with six fixing points (M8 screws and self-locking bolts).

Outside dimensions : l=162cm L=221cm H=30cm
Inside dimensions : l=160cm L=220cm H=100cm


The sliding ladder adjusts to the height of the vehicle and prevents bending while you're in the tent.
Aluminium ladder.

Weight : 4.346kg
Length : 2.41cm

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