Quad Connect Stove
Primary Head


> ‍Unique dynamic layout options: use the Primary Head on its own or add the Secondary Head for ultimate versatility
> Stainless steel braided hoses & bodywork
> Inclusive carry bag, toaster handle supports and gas canister support
> Super stable quadrilateral design
> Height adjustable folding legs
> Twin 3500w output

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RRP £54.99 (inc VAT)

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Featuring a quadrilateral design, four folding legs and a unique quick release connector to allow independent use of a second stove head on the same gas cylinder, the high powered Quad Connect Stove delivers amazing performance, stability and versatility in a flexible all round package. The culmination of over two years in development, the RidgeMonkey Quad Connect Stove offers a number of innovative features not found on any other stove in its class and is set to challenge conventional thinking forever.

Approximate dimensions per head:
130mm x 130mm x 80mm (folded)
180mm x 180mm x 105mm (fully extended)
Self-sealing quick release Secondary Head connectorProtected registered design
Suitable for use with all EN417 ISO screw thread equipped butane/propane mixture cylinders

QUOTE CODE - RM107 when ordering

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