ARB Tred Pro Recovery Boards

£325.00 (inc. VAT)


Never lose precious time while on the trail when doing vehicle recovery work, with the ARB TRED Recovery Board! Constructed from premium-quality materials to ensure a rugged structure that can withstand immense levels of torque, flex, impact, and weight, the ARB TRED Recovery Board gets your ride out of the gunk it’s submerged in with minimal effort.

Features And Benefits

  • EXOTRED™ unique and patented composite construction
  • SIPE-LOCK™ patented grip profile
  • Unique nylon material for superior flex and durability
  • Special glass-filled resin nylon teeth – reduces premature wear from wheel spin
  • The world’s first non-mechanical off-road recovery device
  • Patented composite 2-layer nylon design
  • Ergonomic handles for shovel control
  • Retrofit mounts to suit most recovery board mounting options


Whether it be sand, mud, or snow, the ARB TRED Recovery Board provides excellent traction for your tires to hold on, courtesy of its innovative shovel design, aggressive ramp entry teeth, extreme hex grip nodules, and rugged wear resistance properties. The ARB TRED Recovery Board provides a sturdy yet flexible platform for your vehicle’s wheels to tread on, providing traction and grip that would otherwise be impossible to achieve with wooden planks or conventional platforms. Explore the great outdoors with confidence, with the impressive quality and performance of the ARB TRED Recovery Board.