The Bush Company Black Series MAX

£5,800.00 (inc. VAT)

Designed and manufactured in South Africa, the Bush Company Roof Top Tent – Black Series MAX edition is unrivaled in its quality, simplicity and practicality. With a setup/pack down time of under 2 minutes and a 75mm high density foam mattress 1.3m wide and 2.15m long, this really is the ultimate in comfort and convenience and a superb addition to any camping/touring setup.

The Black Series MAX has a double action opening roof, so you have the option of either just opening the tent as a Clamshell or opening the second roof providing 141cm of headroom at the rear and 137cm at the front of the tent. The second roof can be closed easily from the inside or outside of the tent and is firmly secured when closed with catches on the sides and front.

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In addition to the standard rear and side openings found on the Black Series, when fully open the Black Series MAX has an additional large opening at the front of the tent and two additional windows on the side of the canvas providing increased airflow and also visibility from the tent. All of the openings on the Black Series MAX have high quality midge mesh and a canvas door that zips up from the bottom.

There is 12V power pre-installed, has an LED light in the roof of the tent and convenient storage pockets on the roof and the sides of the walls. There are 1.8m extruded roof rails enabling you to secure up to 200Kg on the roof of the tent in the closed position, and even with 50Kg on the roof the mechanical gas struts will still be able to open and safely support the roof. For easy fitment to vehicles, there are 4 heavy duty extruded rails on the underside of the tent.
There are a range of brackets available for fitment of accessories including:
  • Heavy duty brackets for mounting awnings directly to the sides of the tent.
  • Fan Bracket to mount a Sirocco fan to internal roof.
  • Load Bars to attach to the roof rails.
  • MAXTRAX Load Bar Bracket for mounting up to 4 recovery tracks on the roof
  • Dimensions
  • Length: External 2.25m / internal (mattress length) 2.15m
  • Width: External 1.4m (1.48m including gas struts) / internal (mattress width)1.3 m
  • Height (exterior, closed): 31cm including roof rails and base extrusions
  • Height (exterior, open): 1.43m at rear and 1.39 at front
  • Height (interior, open): 1.41m at rear and 1.37m at front

Weight: Approximately 100kg (excluding telescopic ladder)