Dometic TRT 140 AIR Inflatable Roof Top Tent

£2,200.00 (inc. VAT)

Built with a strong AIR Frame, this innovative roof top tent inflates from a single point (with the included 12V pump) and features an integrated foam mattress to provide a cosy shelter for up to two people. The breathable polycotton material and mesh windows ensure a comfortable temperature inside, whether you’re camping in chilly or warm weather. Designed to double-fold for a smaller pack size the Dometic TRT 140 AIR is ideal for smaller vehicles.


The Dometic TRT 140 AIR can be erected in a few moments due to the included 12 V pump. The versatile roof tent is equipped with a robust single-point inflation system. Includes an AIR Frame and an integrated foam mattress with space for up to two people. Reliable for weather protection. Breathable polycotton fabric and all-round mesh windows to reduce condensation and provide comfort cool and warm weather. Weathershield™ TC-Material. Double fold for smaller pack size. Mesh windows to keep bugs out. Access to the tent via the 2m ladder provided. Internal and external pockets for safe and dry storage. Ideal for smaller vehicles.