SportGuard Under Rail 5-Piece Load Bed Liner Toyota Hilux Mk8-9 (2016 Onwards) Double Cab

£250.00 (inc. VAT)


SportGuard is a 5-piece under-rail bed liner that offers complete protection of the pick-up bed floor and sidewalls. The liner is compatible with a hardtop canopy or tonneau cover.

Features And Benefits

  • Durable TPE construction – high-impact protection against scratches and dents
  • Vehicle-specific design – tailored fit, preserved access to factory tie-down hooks
  • Non-skid floor – helps prevent cargo slipping and sliding around
  • 5-piece sectional kit – requires only one person to fit
  • Seamless, snap-fit installation – around 15-minutes to fit, no drilling required
  • Under-rail – compatible with hardtop canopies and tonneau covers
  • UV, chemical and oil-resistant – helps prevent fading, easy to clean
  • Neatly packed in a box – portable, easy to ship and store in bulk

Compatible VehiclesToyota Hilux Mk8 (2016 – 2020) Double Cab, Toyota Hilux Mk9 (2020 onwards) Double Cab


Vehicle-Specific Design And Fit

The SportGuard’s five-piece design allows for a snug and neat fit that conforms to the truck bed’s shape and contours, offering superior protection for the entire area. Access to all of the truck bed’s tie-down hooks is preserved thanks to the liner’s precise cut-outs.

Heavy-Duty, Non-Skid TPE Material

The SportGuard is constructed from heavy-duty rubber TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) and features a non-skid surface preventing cargo from sliding around. In addition, the bed liner is designed to protect the pick-up truck’s bed from damage such as dents, scratches and scrapes.

Tough Tailgate Protection

The SportGuard bed liner features a unique, protective design that extends to the very edge of the tailgate – ideal for preventing damage when sliding cargo in and out of the truck bed area.

Packaged In Single Box

The SportGuard is neatly packaged in a single box for hassle-free delivery, compared to traditional liners, making it easy to ship and store in large quantities.

Compatible With Canopies, Tonneau Covers & SwingCase

The SportGuard’s under-rail design makes the liner compatible with hardtop canopies and tonneau covers. Additionally, the liner requires no trimming in order to fit UnderCover SwingCase toolboxes.