UTV Lightbar White/Amber Straight DRL Hybrid Beam 150W 20″ 12,000 Lumen UTV244

£202.00 (inc. VAT)


UTV244 – LED lightbar
120W, 8075 Lumens
20″ straight DRL Hybrid beam
Zero radio interference
Choice of two mounting methods – underside sliding brackets and traditional end L brackets

The UTV244 is a straight lightbar with a spot and flood beam inbuilt creating our only hybrid beam lightbar in our range. This light pumps out an impressive 8075 Lumens providing you with the distance you need of light spread to shine on those essential tasks that can arise in darker settings. This particular model comes with a DRL tube light lit along the whole top length of the light bar, a forward-facing lens to reduce glare when driving in bad weather conditions such as snow, fog, rain or dust and prevents glare back into your eyes when driving. This light also comes with a choice of two mounting methods – one being underside sliding brackets and secondly the traditional end L brackets giving you the flexibility to position the lightbar where you need it most. As with all our products, which we believe is unique to our lights, there is no radio interference – no irritating crackles when your radio, CB radio and even your GPS is on meaning you can carry on with no interruptions well into the night.


10 x 12-Watt CREE LED

8075 effective lumen

Input voltage 9-30vdc

486mm length x 57mm height x 73mm depth

ETM Integrated electronic thermal management

Reflector-facing lens giving light transmittance of 95%

Deutsch connector

IP68 water rating


Read newsprint at 570 metres with this bar fitted all spot lens

Driving beam lens gives 1 LUX @ 440m or 313 LUX @ 25m