ARB BushRanger Revo Winch, 10,000Ibs Synthetic Rope

£1,300.00 (inc. VAT)

Bushranger REVO Winch is packed with many features. Including high-quality construction, low current draw, 4 stage oversized gearing with fast line speeds and an advanced proportional friction braking system that will reliably hold 100% of the rated load with no slippage. The zero drag braking system allows for fast no load line speeds, making unspooling the rope a breeze.

Features & Benefits

  • 10mm premium synthetic rope – paired with a ½” removable clevis hook
  • 4 Stage oversized, externally adjustable gearbox – designed for maximum strength and versatility
  • Gearbox mounted braking system 100% load holding – eliminating heat transfer to rope
  • In-line hawse fairlead – made from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Series wound, 12V, 5.2HP motor – made with high-grade materials
  • Spring loaded clutch – making for an easy to use no-lift style clutch mechanism
  • Versatile Control Box – multiple mounting orientations to suit every setup
  • Wireless hand controller – fully sealed, IP67 rated, with a 433MHz receiver
  • Zero drag braking system – allowing for the winch to be powered out under no load without heat build-up