"The perfect basis for real adventures"
For more than 30 years Tibus Portal products have been tested under the hardest conditions to serve their valued customers with the best available options. 

They are experts in their field. Off-road is their passion.

We at LVB Overland are proud to be the UK's sole dealer in Tibus Portal products. We want you to be completely satisfied. With us you will not get these products "off the shelf". The installation of high-grade TIBUS beadlock wheels is a rather complex process which requires an in-depth consultation for an optimal result.

Let us know your expectations and we will provide you with a detailed offer which is perfectly adapted to your requirements. We look forward to your project.

TIBUS bolt-on portals

Portal axles create unique ground clearance by virtue of the axle tube and the differential housing being situated above the wheel center. This technology is the only way to properly achieve proper ground clearance that doesn’t just affect the car’s body.
TIBUS Bolt-on portals will give your vehicle a "lift" of about four to five inches (100 to 125 mm). Naturally, by using larger wheels you’ll be able to augment your ground clearance even further.
TIBUS Bolt-on portals will fit the following axles; Mercedes "G" Wagon, Toyota LC 80 and 105, Toyota LC 75-79, Jeep JK Dana axles (Rubicon) Land Rover Defender. 
The bolt-on solution developed by TIBUS Offroad Engineering is an unrivaled way of maintaining the modified car to use as your daily driver. 
You can get a lift of up to 8” keeping the stock suspension, maintain use of the OEM electronic damping, ABS, traction control and other electronics (if equipped) without any error codes or warning lights activating. 
 In order to drive larger wheels no further modifications have to be made to the suspension. The entire axle and steering geometry is also maintained.

TIBUS Beadlock wheels

In order to optimally complement of our TIBUS Bolt-on portals we developed special wheels. This two piece TIBUS Beadlock wheels are made precisely from high-strength aluminum alloy.
Beadlock wheels are originally developed for the military sector and special purpose vehicles, they have now made their way also into the expedition as well as into the off-road vehicle sector. 
No heavy special tools are required to mount the tires on our TIBUS Beadlock wheels - even large-sized tires can be installed. A huge advantage - not only if you find yourself far from any workshop.

TIBUS Central tyre inflation system

High off-road capability is achieved not only by an appropriate tyre profile, but also by the tyre pressure being optimally adjusted to the particular ground. Traction is thus significantly improved in situations such as air being released before driving on soft sand or mud. However, you will have to re-adjust the air pressure to the situation at hand once you have successfully conquered the challenging passage.
   A central tyre inflation system (CTIS) is a system to provide control to the air pressure in each tyre of a vehicle as a way to improve performance on different surfaces.

Lowering the air pressure in a tyre would, for example, create a larger area of contact between the tyre and the ground and thus makes driving on softer surfaces much easier. Giving the driver direct control over the air pressure in each tyre, maneuverability is greatly improved. It’s also significantly less damaging to the ground you’re driving on itself.

Another function of the CTIS is to maintain pressure in the tyres if there is a slow leak or puncture. In this case the system controls inflation automatically based on the selected pressure. Air compressors are very helpful equipment for different kind of repairs in the field.

TIBUS HD air compressor

High off-road capability is achieved not only by an appropriately shaped tyre, but also by tire pressure optimally adjusted to the ground’s particularities. Traction is for example significantly improved when air is released to pass over soft sand or mud. Lowering the air pressure in a tyre would, for example, create a larger area of contact between the tyre and the ground and thus makes driving on softer surfaces much easier. Giving the driver direct control over the air pressure in each tyre, maneuverability is greatly improved. It’s also significantly less damaging to the ground you’re driving on itself.

 The TIBUS PD6606 compressor when you leave the off-road area and resume driving on regular paved roads. 
 In any case, we advice against the use of small, cheap compressors not especially built for the task at hand. With these, oftentimes neither performance shows to be sufficient to fill tyres of larger dimensions in an appropriate time, nor do most of these machines exceed the filling capacity of four wheels simultaneously - often leading to a total failure due to overheating beforehand.

TIBUS air suspension system

A so-called “Air spring” suspension offers several important benefits that may be useful to drivers interested in luxury and off-road cars. The primary benefit is increased driving comfort and quality: Vehicles with air suspension are often said to "glide" over bumps, while traditional steel spring suspension in turn can cause a harsher ride. Air suspension also is adjustable, which means drivers can select a cushy ride if they're on a rough road or a harsh ride if they want to improve handling.
Another big benefit is that SUVs or trucks with this feature boast improved towing capabilities. In most of these vehicles drivers can increase firmness when towing to account for heavier loads.
Another advantage of air suspension is the possibility to level your car on uneven terrain when you like to sleep inside or on a roof tent.
The spring bags of the TIBUS air suspension systems "TO-ASLR4", "TO-ASMB4" and "TO-ASGP4" are supplied with compressed air by a compressor. In order to regulate a constant level, air is pumped in or out of the tire and the height of the vehicle is thereby adjusted via the pre-tensioning in the airbags or is kept stable independently of the load and the condition of road or terrain.

TIBUS HD winches

The housings for our TIBUS high-performance winches are machined from high-strength aircraft construction aluminum to ensure maximum safety even in the toughest conditions. The material used (7075 T 6) has an extremely high corrosion resistance and is additionally anodised.
As a drum bearing we do not use plastic bushings, but instead exclusively concentrate on high quality wear-resistant metal bearings. Since winch motors are only fastened with two M-6 screws each, they are additionally supported and secured at the rear by TIBUS double winches.   
The drums of the TIBUS high-performance winches are also protected against the entry of dirt and water as well as against leakage of grease and oil by means of special shaft seals.

As an example, the free spool of the drum of the high-end TIBUS double motor winch TW 15000 is unlocked and locked by compressed air. For the control of our high-performance winch you can use the TIBUS Air Compressor "PD 6606".
For our TIBUS high-performance winches we only use parts produced by our trusted manufacturers which are subject to regular strict quality control. We only use BOW motors and relays from producers which are known for their reliability which also undergo routine tests.

TIBUS temperature monitor "TMS18"

The temperature of technical components is an important indicator of their safe operation- A deviation from the standard values signals the risk of impending failures or serious damage long before they actually occur. Thusly, permanent temperature monitoring is standard procedure in complex technical systems such as aircraft and wind parks.
With the TIBUS temperature monitor "TMS18" you will never lose sight of all the important temperature data of your vehicle. You can identify deviations at first glance on a 5” touch-screen monitor.

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